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Champaign Urbana Restaurants

The Champaign Urbana restaurant scene has plumetted forward by leap and bounds. Tom Kacich recently wrote (The News Gazette) about the food scene here in the 1970s and it was fascinating. There were some 75 places listed in an old promo folder from that era and most of them are gone now.

What we have now is a wide variety to chose from and they keep springing up. If you have one to share, just make a comment.

We plan to add many pages to this sectiom including new eating places in Champaign Urbana, food trucks, food festivals, chefs in Champaign Urbana, etc.

Help us by submitting articles and making comments on your favorite restaurants in Champaign Urbana.

Restaurants in Urbana

Downtown Urbana is home to a growing number of great eateries.


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